„Nukumaja“ TV series theme song


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Estonian guitarist, producer and singer Mauno Meesit is expressing himself through minimalist instrumentals and heartfelt songs. On his latest instrumental album „Varjudemaa“ Meesit shows his love for old acoustic instruments, guitar feedback and warm drones of echo machines.

During 2015 Meesit released his third album „Closer“ and wrote original music for Estonian TV series „Varjudemaa“. In 2016 „Varjudemaa“ soundtrack album was released on vinyl by Grainy Records. Previously he has released two albums on German Accession Records under his electronic music moniker "Sinine". Meesit has also written music for several theatre plays and TV series, and has been featured at Estonian Music awards and radio charts since 2009.

„I feel very inspired by acoustic instruments and those microscopic sounds that you can hear when you stop for a moment and take the time to listen to how the sounds play with silence. Silence is not emptiness, it always has its own sound that holds everything else together.“

„Impressively intense songs“

Culture Collide, UK/USA

„This instrumental album sounds like poetry“

Müürileht, EE

„It’s something that gives you goosebumps! Like an outtake from the Twin Peaks series: mysterious and scary with a very interesting guitar sound. „Varjud“ has a warm piano sound and a guitar that gently weeps (almost as if I hear some vocals coming out of the guitar.“

Snoozecontrol, NL

„This is basically post-rock for people who don’t listen to post-rock; an album where tranquil passages ring clearer than riffs ever could, and where a lack of explosion doesn’t result in a lack of catharsis.“

Sputnikmusic, USA

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